Monday, April 4, 2011

drinking for a good cause...

Isn't there always a good cause to drink? No? Yes? Anyway... Saturday afternoon, a bunch of my school's dancers got together to dance and pub crawl our way though downtown Denver's Irish pubs. Why did we do this? For a good cause!!! No, really, we did it to collect tip money to help send two of our dancers to the Worlds competition at the end of this month. Woot!
the crazy group!

Nikki and I with my man!

The group of dancers

captured! mid freaky jump!

my big supporter! love this guy!
We managed to dance our way through Scruffy Murphy's, Fado's, Celtic (2 shows), Katie Mullens, The Tilted Kilt and Nalens. I called it a night after The Tilted Kilt, but most others continued on. It was a beautiful, warm day to dance around. It was great fun and hopefully a huge help to our dancers!
Worlds this year is in Dublin. Its a HUGE Irish Dance competition with dancers from all over the world (hence the name). Its the first trip for one dancer and the 2nd (its been a while) for the other. Best of luck to Mark and Ari!!!

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