Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud Accomplishment

So... a week ago yesterday, Claire and I had our girl's night out Sewing Night. Last night? I decided to test out my new found skills and ridiculous amount of enthusiasm and try to make something a little bigger (and slightly more complicated) than the ID pocket we made last week. After scouring the web for easy, simple designs, patterns, etc. I finally decided to just go balls out and make something up on my own using tutorials for similar things. What did I make? A purse/bag! Its definitely got some flaws... but I am REALLY happy with the results. Check out the pictures while I do a little happy dance....
The first purse!!!

I plan to add more stars to the front
 So as far as first attempts go, I would say this is very successful. I will add a couple more stripey stars to the front of the bag before I use it all the time. But I love the how the combo of the blue and stripes turned out! Next purse... will be actually reversible (this one is close - I have to work on the handles) and have pockets. Perhaps even a button closure instead of ribbon ties. All in all... PROUD!!!
I wanted a picture of the purse flat on the ground... which was made very difficult by the fact that Willow thought it was a new spot for her to lay down. She kept circling the purse... hence the picture above. Gus stayed far away. He had a bad experience with sewing needles as a kitten... I think he learned his lesson! 
More to come from my sewing room!

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  1. Good to know he finally learned something! It looks awesome! Way to go you!