Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its all about the green...

St. Patrick's Day is on Thursday. It will be a day filled with green, glitter, fake curls, sparkly dresses and a whole lotta dancing!!!!!
The St. Pat's season began on Saturday...with the Denver St. Patrick's Day parade!!!!
The morning of the parade was gorgeous. We had perfect parade weather!

Sully and I, pre-parade
I got to take some pics with my dance girlies before the parade kicked off. Since I was not dancing in the parade with my dance school, I didn't get to see most of my girls! But I did see... Shannon and Gabby and of course, Miss Stacey!

I danced with the pipe band's Irish Dance corp. Such a fun group of people to dance with!!!
Denver & District Pipe Band
Parade stepping!
Look at all the drummers!

Right now, all of our pipers and drummers have different kilts. Well, almost all have different ones. In that last year or so, City of Denver Pipe Band combined with the Isle of Mull Pipe Band to form Denver & District Pipe Band. So some of the kilts are Mull, some are City and some are the new ones that will be the uniform of Denver & District. The piper above on the far left is wearing the new kilt.
The whole group
Of course, once the parade was over... we still had to dance! Shows and shows and shows galore. Luckily I had a couple of fantastic fans to cheer me on while in the parade and at our first show:
Aren't I a lucky girl? Seriously though, its nice to have people come out and see us dance and hear the pipes and drums. Ahhh, st. patty's!

More to come on this green holiday....

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