Friday, March 18, 2011

It has come and it has gone...

St. Patty's Day that is!!! The greenest holiday of the year. For me, its also the most glittery, shamrock filled, busy day of the year. Its all about the dance, dance, dancing for Irish Step Dancers. Dancing in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias and bars. This year I started with my first show at 8:30am... and finished with my last show that started at 9pm. *sigh* It was a long day. Today I feel like I need a walker to get around the office since I am hobbling like a 90 year old woman. Was it worth it? Totally. To see the looks on young faces, the excitement and wonder... the surprise in those older faces and the overall enjoyment of all our audiences. Plus, the dancing is a lot of fun too! We started the day with a gorgeous Colorado spring day and it ended with snow. One extreme to the other... but thats to be expected... and it went hand in hand with the day. After all that beer, no one cared it was snowing... :) A few pics from the day:
some of the girls before our first show

dancing during our second set of shows

our awesome group

bar shows begin!


bar chaos
Now... its over until next year. Which should give me plenty of time to find a new pair of feet to replace my tired dogs. Once again, a loooong day but fun and filled with laughter, beer and GREAT company. Tucking away the shamrock bloomers and capes, green stickers and tattoos... until next year.

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