Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alternative to girl's night....

is...sewing night!!! A what?!? Yes, sewing night! Claire and I decided to dedicate a girls night to taking a sewing class. Random, but something we've both wanted to do.
We chose this cute little fabric/craft store near me, called Fancy Tiger.  Its adorable and cute and has the neatest fabrics and prints and craft ideas. They also offer classes! Hooray! Claire and I opted for the Sewing 101 class... since she has never touched a sewing machine before and I was pretty much all thumbs around one. So, off we went on Tuesday night to learn about sewing on sewing machines.

The class was literally "sewing for dummies" which was awesome! There were 5 of us girls, and we all learned the most basic skills needed for sewing on a machine... we are now ready to conquer some crafts! Or at least attempt some without the fear of blowing up the machine. We learned how to wind bobbins, thread the machine, how to troubleshoot, change the stitch, the tension, etc. It was great! As a final cherry on top of the whole shebang, we got to make a little project to take home with us. We made ID pockets. Kind of a catch all for your IDs to throw in your purse in lieu of a wallet, or as extra protection to throw in your back pocket. It was little and simple, but it was our first project on our own that was totally completed. Hooray!!!!!
My empty ID pocket... ignore the imperfections - I did it all by myself!

With IDs in it! Perfect size... even fits my cell phone if I want

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