Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes I forget

...that Colorado could be a whole separate planet. Why do I say this? Let me explain....

Last week was nice. Like mid 30s to 40s. Tuesday night I met up with Stacey and her hubby to check out the "Denver Big Air" event. This was took place downtown... in the middle of Civic Center Park (situated right in front of the capital building). It was a giant ski ramp (with snow) that was built for ski and snowboard jumping contests as an advertisement and in preparation for the Winter X Games that were up in Aspen this past weekend. Despite being the end of January, it was cool and nice out!

 This weekend was even NICER out!! It was a gorgeous 65 degrees if not warmer. Strange but very nice for the end of January. Jay and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a hike out near Red Rocks.

Sadly... the beautiful weather was not sticking around forever.

This morning it was 13 degrees and spitting ice from the sky. A 50 degree difference in a 24 hour period? We certainly do live on a different planet sometimes. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the negative temperatures. Time to start thinking about warm, warm toasty food!

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