Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't know whether to be grateful that I no longer live in IL and am getting bombarded with snow... or jealous that everyone has a snow day.

We got snow on Monday. But only about 3-4 inches, not the massive amounts like the midwest is getting. No... we've just been dealing with subzero temperatures. Yesterday when I walked to work it was -19. Today, -15. Ummm.... can't we have a "cold day"? No work due to extreme cold? The schools in the area seem to be following this idea... sadly, not work.

Sigh. Monday... I snuggled down with the kitties and some comfort food - mac 'n' cheese! Yum. Last night... after the bitterly, bitterly, frigid and arctic temperatures... I decided that it was high time I learned how to make soup. Yes, soup. I got a nice big soup pot from my dad for my birthday (thanks Dad!).  Mr. Jay drove out in the cold night to be my guinea pig and snuggle with me since it was so cold.

Here was my (successful) attempt at making soup:
Tortellini soup!!!! I added some shredded cheddar to mine

Jay went with the plain jane soup
I picked up a loaf of crusty Italian bread and stuck it in the oven to warm... so for dinner, we had homemade Tortellini soup and warm crusty bread. Next time I am going to try making my own bread. :) Jay had no problems being my guinea pig, especially since he's feeling a bit under the weather. Which is in fact, totally my fault. Sorry, babe!!
Now to add more soups to my repertoire!!

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