Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Its the beginning of a new year. Time to make resolutions, right? Lists of things that you hope to accomplish throughout the year... most of which are forgotten a few days after you write them down.  I am not just pointing fingers here, I am most guilty of doing exactly this. I love to make lists, then I promptly forget what I just put on that list. So, for the last couple years... I haven't really made any New Year's resolutions. What was the point?

Yesterday, a conversation with my friend Claire prompted me to think about what my resolutions would be for this year.  Yes, actually make a resolution. I resolve to ____________. I seriously had no idea. So, after much thought... and discussion with Claire, of course, I have decided on the following goals... (goals rather than resolutions - I feel they follow the path of your life rather than forcing you to stay to one path)

1. Stop over analyzing everything. - This is a goal for me, since I have a horrible tendency to over analyze EVERYTHING. Every little detail of every little conversation, every look, every gesture. Seriously. Its not a good habit to have, its time consuming and stresses me out. Over-analyzing should be kept to the workspace... and not my personal life.

2. Enjoy what I have and what makes me happy. - Sounds silly, doesn't it? I think this goal goes hand in hand with my first goal. If I stop over analyzing everything, I can actually sit back and enjoy things that happen in my life. Stop and breathe. Enjoy. Live. Love. Experience it all instead of trying to break it all down into tiny pieces, like bugs under a microscope.

So thats it for me. I decided to keep the list short. Easier to remember what I want to do. What about you? What is your goal for the New Year?

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