Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the New Year... 2011!!

Happy New Year everybody!  Its been a busy and interesting couple of days.  Last Thursday, Mother Nature decided to finally visit Colorado with winter weather. It snowed. It snowed and snowed... and it was cold. Sigh. Welcome to winter.
Oh, hello Winter.
I took the pic above on my walk home Thursday afternoon from work. I thought about taking a proper picture, but was too cold and wet to dig my camera out of my bag. Snap and run. Luckily, Thursday's snowstorm gave me the opportunity to jump into my pjs and clean and organize my place. It had gotten a little out of hand.

Friday was a lazy day... hello sleeping in! And lounging around with the kitties. My friend Julie came over in the afternoon. We had plans to go sledding...we ended up gossiping on the couch instead. Love it!

Friday night, Jay and I headed to dinner at this amazing Japanese restaurant called, Domo. For my Colorado friends, check it out Domo.  It was seriously amazing food, incredibly authentic, and great atmosphere. Behind the restaurant is this cool little Japanese garden that Jay and I took a stroll through to settle our stomachs after all the food we ate.

My man

Snowy Japanese garden

Happy New Year!
 Our plan for after dinner was to head to a bar close to my downtown apartment, but after stopping by there to drop off our leftovers... we decided that it was TOO cold to be outside. So instead, we snuggled on the couch with movies and beer and toasted in the New Year together. Warm and toasty. Seriously, much smarter decision.

Sadly... Jay has to travel lots this month... so he headed off for work Sunday afternoon. Which left me free to head to the Avs game with beautiful Claire.  I won free tickets from the Avs, entered to win on their facebook page. The tickets turned out to be the BEST SEATS EVER!!!!!!!!!
Why, hello Vancouver. You look much bigger when we're only 4 rows away from you!
 The tickets were for 4 rows off the ice! We sat just off from the Canuck's penalty box... and got to see every sweaty moment of the game. Hits against the glass? Yes please! Refs ducking from flying pucks? Oh yea, baby!
Claire and I were like giddy little girls


Somebody has been very naughty!

That's my boy, Paul Stastny!
All in all a great few days. And really, a great way to ring in 2011. Kissed my honey at midnight and practically sat on the ice for the Avs game with Miss Claire. It looks like this year is starting off right!!!

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  1. Love your wintery pics!!! You guys are adorable!