Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A long break from writing and a long weekend to fill it with

Lets just say its been an interesting middle of January. Last week was both crazy, busy, and a little sad.  Crazy because, well it is the middle of January and we've been having weather like its April! Windy but warm. So very strange. Busy, because between work and taking care of the kitties while Jay was out of town, it left little time to do much else. And sad... because despite the turn around for the economic times in our firm, we still lost some people to layoffs... and we will miss them dearly!!!

Jay got back into town late last week. We got to spend just a few days together before he left again for work. While it sucks to see him go (again) this time I will be joining him in Sunny San Diego at the end of the week!!!!
Tomorrow it is supposed to snow:
Beautiful... but cold
Friday, I will be here:
Beautiful... and warm!
So... I find myself really, really looking forward to warm weather and palm trees and sandy beaches and the ocean. Can you blame me?

Ahh the rest of the long weekend was spent running errands, seeing friends... and somehow getting dragged along to a COUNTRY music bar (oh help me now) to learn to line dance with my Irish dance friends. Sounds like quite the culture clash, doesn't it?

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of line dancing, but be assured, it did indeed happen. And... anyone who knows me, knows that I detest country music. But I was a good sport and learned a few toe-tapping steps. However, it will be quite a while before I surround myself with that many cowboy boots and cowboy hats again. Yeehaw!!!

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  1. Dude I still cannot believe this! We both hate country and in the same week, on opposite sides of the world, we end up in country places. How did we let this happen to us?!?!?!