Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl's Night Agenda

Tuesday. Girl's Night. Every week, rain or shine. Well... actually its completely dependent on schedules, work, dance, etc. But, like I said, rain or shine. Last night, Stace and I came up with an agenda. Yes... a schedule of things to do for our girl's nights. On the list... girly movies! Like in the movie theater, don't drag the boys to see them girly movies. Like this one:
Also on the agenda... a make-up tutorial night. Think back to junior high, when you would experiment with make-up on your friends... Stace and I are totally going to play this game. Except grown-up style. Should be interesting and fun! We can decide if the newest runway makeup looks will work for us.

Sweet treats!! We are going to work on making some yummy sweet treats. Trying new things, experimenting... who knows what we'll come up with.
Maybe something simple, like this:
Or maybe something a bit more difficult... like this:
Who knows? I just know its a good thing there are lots of girl's nights... because we will be busy!!

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