Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hair. Women spend lots and lots of money on hair every year. Coloring, cutting, highlighting, styling, products, etc.

I am usually a low-maintenance, no fuss kind of girl when it comes to my hair.  My "hair" maintenance usually includes a trip to Great Clips every once in a while to get a trim. However, I decided that I need a "style". Something that I didn't always feel like I had to pull back. So, I made an appointment, and the afternoon before I left for San Diego (weekend trip with my man) I went to get my hair cut.
This is me before:
Long hair, nothing crazy, but nothing special.
This is what I wanted:
Midlength haircut idea: the easy-to-blow-out crop
Not much different, but clean, blunt, long with a style to it.
This is what I got:
Neither long, nor simple. Not blunt or clean. Don't let the giant smile fool you. I am not happy. Luckily hair grows... but considering how much money goes into the hair industry every year, wouldn't stylists learn to listen?

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