Monday, December 20, 2010

More on my trip home

Obviously I was not in Chi-town for just one day... the rest of my trip was packed full of catching up with friends!
Friday, Dad and I just bummed around, running errands and being lazy. Which was WONDERFUL. Ahhh... sleeping in is the best vacation!
Saturday... I headed back downtown to visit with my amazing friend Sarah. She moved back to IL from Denver in March... and I miss her!!! Getting to spend the afternoon with her was so much fun. We talked. The entire time. Except when we were stuffing our faces with Chicago-style, deep dish pizza!!

Hi Sarah! Sorry I took this awkward photo while you were eating :)

Sarah and I!!!
It was great to catch up with Miss Sarah... and I desperately want her to move back to Denver. Miss you!!!

Sunday I got up early to get all packed up and met some friends from high school for breakfast. Its been 2 years since I have seen either of those girls... but we managed to pick up as if we've not been separated. Talk, talk, talk... reminisce about high school, junior high and elementary school.  My favorite quote of the morning was between my friend Coral and Keleigh... Coral: "I just can't believe I had a mullet in elementary school", Keleigh: "Umm... that was a bad haircut, but I wouldn't classify it as a mullet."

Hahaha... fun times all around. It was a great trip home. Now back to reality!

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