Friday, November 5, 2010

Girl's Night

Last night was a dance night. Like I've said before... 2 hours of pushing myself to learn new steps and tricks and perfect (or attempt!) the ones I have. Last night was a prep for our upcoming competition on Sunday. Which really consists of running steps in the order they will be at the competition and focusing on the little things that can be changed in a few days.

The best part about Thursday night dance nights... is not only the dancing and seeing everyone there, but its the "girl's night" my friend Stacey and I squeeze into the night.

How so?

Well... Stacey picks me up from work and we have a 20 or so minute drive over to dance. This whole drive is spent catching up on gossip, venting, whining, laughing, yelling, and just plain hanging out.  Its great. By the time we arrive at dance, I am already in a great mood.
Then we dance.
On the way home... its much of the same. We talk about class and how things went. If they were good or bad, what is frustrating, confusing, funny, etc. We usually complain about our stinky feet and giggle like a couple 14 year olds all the way home.
Stacey and I after Estes Park competition
Last night... Stace came over to my apartment and we vegged out on the couch and watched the end of 30 Rock and ate apple crisp. Tasty.
Because of this... we have decided to implement a girl's night. On a night thats not a dance night. Movies and food and good company. I am looking forward to the start of this!!!!
Stacey and I after the Rapids game!

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  1. INDEED! I feel the same way and I love our drives! Love the blog - I look forward to more posts! XOXO