Friday, November 5, 2010

Irish Dance 101 - part 2

To continue the thread from before... in Irish Dance, we compete with both softshoe and hardshoe dances.  Softshoe dances consist of 1) reels 2) light jigs 3) slip jigs 4) single jigs.  Hardshoe dances consist of 1) Treble Jigs (aka Double Jigs or Heavy Jigs) 2) Hornpipes 3) Traditional Set 4) Tipping Reels (aka Treble Reels) - these are typically only danced for "specials"
There are different levels in competition dance as well.
Beginner I: starting level, must place 1st or 2nd to move up
Beginner II: next level, must also place 1st or 2nd to move up
Novice: a slightly more competitive level, must place 1st with 5 or more competitors or 1st or 2nd with 10 or more competitors to move up
Prizewinner: the most competitive level before Championship. Must place 1st to move up
Preliminary Champion: must place 1st twice in order to move up
Open Champion: the highest level of competition
In the levels of Beginner I through Prizewinner, all of the different dances are competed. Once a dancer moves into the Championship levels, only one softshoe dance and one hardshoe dance is competed.  I have not made it to the Champion level yet, so I am not sure of all those specific rules, but maybe... one day I will be able to share more wisdom. :)

If you're at all interested, youtube some videos of the different steps. I find it interesting to see the steps put with the music in order to differentiate the subtleties.

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