Monday, November 8, 2010


November is here in Colorado... and this weekend definitely did not feel like fall.  It was around 70 degrees everyday this weekend!!! Starting with Friday and going all the way through today (Monday).  I like 70 degree weather, but I really, really like fall weather much more. Hmmm...
This weekend was great! It consisted of great food, amazing company and fun times with friends. Jay and I had a super delicious sushi dinner on Friday night... mmmm, yum! Bring on the sushi!! We followed it up with some homemade apple crisp, made by ME! Woot! Nothing says fall like apple desserts.
Homemade apple crisp!
 Jay liked the apple crisp so much, that when I left on Saturday night to go pick up my mom from the airport, he dug right in and finished almost all of it! Luckily for me (and him) he left me a small amount to enjoy after our second amazing dinner of the weekend. But first, we spent some time soaking up the warm sunshine and enjoying the fall/summer weather.

Flip flops in November!

Saturday night we had dinner at this tiny family owned Italian place by Jay's house. They always have great, warm you up, homemade Italian dishes. Both of us went simple, with Chicken Parmigiana and cheese Tortellini. Incredibly tasty and just what was needed to go home and snuggle up on the couch. The best part about the warm, warm days we've been having is that the 40 degree nights seem that much cooler and make it that much better to snuggle up!!

 Sunday was spent getting ready for a dance competition (details and pictures to follow in a different post).  It was a loooooong day, especially for Jay.  He is one amazing and patient fellow. :) Of course, as a reward for both of us, a homecooked meal was on the books for Sunday night. Mmmm... first up, baked butternut squash and apples. Yum!
 Our main course was a roasted pork loin... super juicy and tasty.
 We paired the whole meal with some delicious microbrews and a great movie. It was the best way to finish out our weekend. Like I said, great weather, better food and the best company a girl could ask for!

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