Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hump Day

Its Hump Day!! Hooray for being half way through the week. Wednesdays are usually a day off (after work) for me. I can be productive and clean or do laundry, or I can sit on my bum and do absolutely nothing. To be honest, I usually choose the latter. However, today will be a bit different... my baby brother and I are going to have some serious hang time. Baby brother, is not so much a baby (but he always will be to me), is heading downtown after school today!  My big plan? Bake and cook! Brother is trying to learn to cook and bake on his own, so I feel as a big sister I should impart whatever wisdom I might have to offer. :)  Tonight will be blueberry muffins!

(Brother helping with a hot air balloon inflation)
Last night my friend Heather (the one who is leaving me to travel the world) and I decided to hit the movies. We went to see "Life or Something Like It", the new movie with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. I was expecting cute and funny and totally Hollywood romance. What I got was cute and funny and INCREDIBLY sad. Seriously. I won't spoil the movie or ruin what happens, but just as a warning be prepared for some seriously tear jerker moments. Who knew? Crazy what the movies can do to you...

Now to get to work and continue counting down until the weekend!!

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