Thursday, October 21, 2010

A huge part of my life... Irish Step Dancing. Irish Step Dancing? Yes, think "Riverdance", "Lord of the Dance" and Michael Flatley. Except.... those are all very modern forms of Irish Step Dancing. The rest of the world dances and competes with a much more traditional style of dance. Traditional music (usually played on the fiddle or acordian), traditional tempos and step styles. I LOVE it. I really do. 

                       (a feet shot I took of dancers from my school's showcase)

I have met some amazing people who have become fantastic friends through dance.  Thursday's are the one week night that I dance. Class starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:00. An hour and a half of being up on my toes, dancing, learning to fly through the air, twist and turn in ways I never thought possible and spending time with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. My class is made up of all ages. From 8 to 30. Crazy, isn't it?  Most of the time the age difference is not noticeable. Everyone dances at the same level and works to push themselves and everyone else harder. The only time the age difference is noticeable... is at competitions. I recently just registered for our next competition (feis in Irish, pronounced fesh) and it turns out I will be competing in the 13&over group. 13? Umm... I am literally twice their age. This should be interesting....

Nevertheless... I love dancing, so as long as I don't squish a small child in competition, I am sure it will be fine. Hehe...we hope!

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