Thursday, July 21, 2016

Memorial Day camping

As usual, Jay and I headed up to the mountains for our annual Memorial Day camp trip!  Usually we take Friday off as well, to give us a nice loooooonnng weekend.  This year, we weren't able to do it since I started a new job and didn't have the time to take yet.

But, we went anyway.  We hadn't made reservations anywhere, but figured we'd find something!  And we did.  We camped near South Fork, CO which is southwest of Denver and about a 4 hour drive.  Worth it. TOTALLY worth it.  The campsite we found was totally empty!  On Memorial Day weekend! What??

It was chilly but beautiful and the best way to spend a long weekend!  This summer has turned out to be very busy and we haven't gone camping since!! But.. don't worry, we've got a few more trips up our sleeves.

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