Thursday, July 21, 2016

Going backwards again - Chicago in May

Since so much has happened and I can't seem to keep up with my posts... we'll be going backwards in time so I can finally catch up with things.

After my trip to San Francisco to see Claire, Jay and I headed to Chicago for a few days!  It was a business/work trip for him, but I was lucky enough to tag along... see some friends and see my dad!

We love playing tourist in Chicago, and this trip was no different.  It was 80 degrees our first full day there, so we trekked out to the planetarium for a fun visit.
The next day, the weather turned windy and cold!!  The next few days remained that way, but it didn't stop us from playing tourist with dad and taking the architectural tour on the Chicago River.  Such a fun thing to do, even though I did it last year with Miss Eileen.
this picture makes me giggle 
All in all, a wonderful trip.  Short but sweet!

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