Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the good stuff

The past week has presented some pretty rough challenges for me.  However, I refuse to dwell on them and I will not let those things take away from the good stuff thats been happening!  The good stuff meaning....
Stacey came for a visit! She flew in on Thursday and stays until next week. Jay picked her up at the airport and stayed with us the first night. And so... I surprised her with a visit from Julie and baby Nora! (Ok, Nora is not so baby anymore, she'll be one soon!) Jay left us girls to play pool for the night... and it was amazing.  Julie, Stacey and I used to spend a lot of time together.  Having them over for dinner and time to catch up was - PERFECTION. I've missed us all together and hearing them laugh and share stories and the comfort we all have around each other was just soothing to me.
Nora, of course, entertained us with her antics.  She's grown so much! I can't believe it was a year ago that I went to visit her and Julie in the hospital.  The nurse then thought Julie and I were sisters, so Julie calls me Aunt Em to Nora. And thats how it will stay!

Nora and I took selfies - she's blowing a kiss to the camera!

Nora was not having any of this, but I love it! 
Over the weekend, Jay and I headed up to Fort Collins to visit his step-brother Ezra and his girlfriend Ewa. Ezra usually lives in Germany, but has a place up in Ft. Collins.  It was great to spend so much quality time with him! And Ewa is amazing, she and I hit it off right away!  Also, I love seeing Jay spend time with family - its too bad Ezra lives so far away.

Good things happening to help stay positive! And there is so much more to look forward to! I have more time planned with Stacey, an upcoming zoo trip with Julie and Nora and possibly another dinner out with Ezra and Ewa.  Can't wait!

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