Thursday, April 9, 2015

Honeymoon part 7 last days in Scotland

So, the last few days we had in Scotland were lovely.  The day after our castle stay, we drove to other side of the Isle of Mull to catch another ferry back to the mainland.  This time we headed to Oban.  The ferry we took was HUGE! Jay and I started counting the vehicles as it was unloading... somewhere around 50+ cars came out!
big ferry!
coming into Oban

Jay on the boat

Oban was a cute little town.  We found our hotel pretty easily - although it was kind of sketchy (seriously) - we were able to drop our bags and wander around for a bit.  The town of Oban sits right on the water, but there was a very large hill in town that we took the opportunity to climb up. And we are so glad we did!! We were able to look down on Oban and watch the sunset.  So beautiful.
walking around Oban

from the top of the hill

beautiful sunset

The next day we hopped back in the car for our last day of driving.  We took a detour through the Great Glen on our way back to Glasgow. I had been through there once the last time I was in Scotland and it didn't disappoint this time.  Jay was impressed.  Scotland is such a beautiful country.

We also stopped at Loch Lomand as well.  Its a huge lake just north of Glasgow and has been sung about for years in Scottish folk songs.  So lovely and serene as well.

Then it was back to Glasgow to drop off our rental car and a good night's sleep before heading to Iceland!

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