Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Honeymoon part 6 Ferry Rides and the Isle of Mull

 So the morning we left Skye to head to our next destination was the clearest weather we'd had! Go figure.  We left our lovely little guest house and booked it across the island to make the ferry in time!! It was cutting it close. Too close. But we made it. The view looking back at Skye was incredibly lovely...

 As we approached the mainland of Scotland, we were all asked to get back in our cars to prepare to leave.  What a strange feeling to be in a car, on a boat, just waiting...
in the belly of the ferry
We arrived back on the mainland of Scotland ready to head to our next ferry stop.  A small town south and west of where we were. We would be getting a ferry there to take us over to the Isle of Mull, which is where we stayed in a castle.

Scotland's landscape does not disappoint. Even when its overcast, its beautiful.

 The one downside of the drive around the countryside was the one lane -  two way roads.  Say what?  Yea... a road meant for two way traffic was literally one lane wide. Which meant that we did a lot of pulling over, since Jay wasn't ever sure who had the right of way.  A perfect example of said road below:
We finally made it to our 2nd ferry stop of the day.  It was located outside a teeny tiny town.  Good thing we had snacks in the car - originally we had planned to eat there in the town!

 The ferry was tiny, 2 cars allowed (thanfully we got there super early!)
We arrived on the Isle of Mull in a town called Tobermory.  Cute, colorful and so fun to wander through!
From there we headed out to the castle we were staying at.  I am glad we were looking during the daytime, otherwise we would have been so very, very lost. The castle was gorgeous.  The grounds were amazing. Everything was just perfect!!

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