Thursday, February 26, 2015

Honeymoon part 5 Isle of Skye

We left Inverness the next morning for our drive to the Isle of Skye.  The closer we got to the coast, the worse the weather became.  I didn't let that deter me from jumping out of the car (when it was stopped) to take random pictures - even when Jay wasn't too pleased!

Jay is not happy about being outside

We stopped to see Eilean Donan castle.  If it looks familiar, its because you've probably seen in before.  It is the most photographed castle in Scotland.  And its very picturesque.  As we were taking pictures, Jay and I both commented that you couldn't even tell how windy and rainy it was, because the pictures just turned out so great!  So we made sure to try to take one to show how bad the weather really was.
Eilean Donan castle

our best attempt - the wind was nearly blowing us over!

The drive to Skye required us to cross the Skye bridge.  Its a good thing Jay was driving... because you couldn't see the other side! A little scary...

Once on the Isle, we stopped at a bridge over the Sligachan river.  When I was on Skye the last time, our bus driver/tour guide told us that to stick your face in the river would grant you eternal youth.  I did it then...but this time, no way! The river was swollen and raging... not to mention that the wind felt like it was going to blow us away!
the Sligachan river

We stopped for a bite to eat in Portree and sought out our guest house after that.  The weather made it an early night for us and we settled in with what we called our "Scottish dinner".  Our days usually consisted of breakfast, adventures, a late lunch and more the time "dinner" rolled around we weren't typically very hungry.  So we would go out to the local grocery store, pick up some cheese, meats and crackers and nosh on those while wearing our comfy pants and watching BBC's Top Gear. Oh yea, we know how to party.
"Scottish dinner"

The next day, we went on an adventure around the Isle of Skye.  The weather had cleared a bit, but not enough to really let us see all the awesome landscape Skye offers.  It was still fun though! We came across and wandered around in a couple of cemeteries, encountered some hairy roadside friends and even stopped at the Talisker distillery (the only distillery on the Isle of Skye) All in all a good day despite the weather!
looking into Portree from our guest house
Kilt Rock

Hairy coo

around the Isle of Skye
Talisker Distillery

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