Thursday, February 26, 2015

Honeymoon part 4 Inverness and the Highlands

So, the morning we left Glasgow in our cute little rental car, we headed north to Inverness.  I hadn't made it there the last time I was in Scotland, so we were both really looking forward to it.  The funny thing about this whole honeymoon trip... I planned the major destinations (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, etc) but I never planned what we were going to do once we go there!  Luckily, the rental car guy grew up in Inverness, so before we departed, he gave us a few pointers on where to go to eat and drink.

We arrived in Inverness with no major issues.  The drive was lovely!  Getting into Inverness... thats the one time we truly got lost!  Scottish towns do not mark their roads well, so we were all over the place before we came across a street we could find on the map that sort of kind of led us to our hotel.  Once we got there and out of the car, Jay refused to drive again for the rest of the day!

It was fine, we walked around Inverness, stopped at a lovely little cafe for lunch and just enjoyed being in the town.

downtown Inverness

looking up the River Ness

looking at Inverness

The next day we headed out to Culloden.  Culloden was the site of the last battle of the Jacobite Uprising.  The history leading up to the battle and the turmoil that followed after, make up a very big chunk of Scottish history. I am a big history nerd, so things like this get me all excited.  On top of that, I've devoured all of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books, and she does an amazing job with the historical aspect of it! Anyway... Culloden. Its a moor. Its beautiful and sad. Its crazy to think a battle was fought there. We took the walking audio tour and it was great. Windy and cold, but great!
Culloden Moor - beautiful and sad

memorial cairn

Clan marker - Fraser is the clan used in Outlander!

clan marker - my family's roots 

After Culloden we jumped back in the car and just started driving.  We headed south with no real destination in mind, but ended up along the banks of Loch Ness (no monster, sorry) and visited the ruins of Castle Urquhart.
Jay and our rental

on the shores of Loch Ness

Loch Ness
Castle Urquhart
inside the castle ruins

Jay and I!
We then headed back to Inverness for a late dinner and bed! The adventure would continue!

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