Monday, January 5, 2015

Honeymoon part 2 Scotland- Glasgow and Edinburgh

Tuesday morning, we got up incredibly early to go back to the airport.  It was snowing as we left, which meant that our plane was delayed leaving for Glasgow.  Luckily we weren't set in a schedule and were not horribly stressed about it.  Annoyed? Slightly. Stressed? Not at all.

We landed in Glasgow and I navigated our way to the hotel. Yes, I navigated! Even after being gone from that awesome city for 10 years, I still remembered most of it! The hotel was very Scottish style and lovely.  We wandered around the city for the rest of the day, stopping in a pub for a warm, Scottish lunch and beers.  I showed Jay the area around the University of Glasgow, where I spent a wonderful semester abroad and a couple other sites around the city.
Sauchihall Street just after a rain storm

neighborhood by our hotel

view of the University through the trees

the old dorm buildings from my overseas adventure!

Jay and I in Glasgow city centre

The next day we hopped on a train and headed to Edinburgh for the day.  We toured the castle, walked along the Royal Mile and checked out a few really cool (and really old) cemeteries.  We even walked to the top of Calton Hill for a view over the whole city!
Edinburgh Castle

Jay and I at top of the castle

a crowd gathering for the 1 o'clock gun

Jay got to play with a really big sword

the castle at night!

very cool graveyard
view from the top of Calton Hill

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