Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memorial Day trip part 3

Canyonlands was our second destination of the weekend.  We had planned to get up early Sunday morning and head out.  Unfortunately, the rain had other plans for us! So... we slept in, got dressed super fast and made a mad dash to the truck in between rain drops. ;)  We weren't sure if the rain would stop as we got into Canyonlands, but we figured it was a risk to take.  Better than hanging out in the tent all day!  Boy, am I glad we left, the day ended up being slightly rainy and overcast, but warm and sunny as well. Perfect for hiking and sightseeing!

Newspaper Rock
heading into Canyonlands National Park
Jay gets his jumping shot!
 We headed to the southern end of the park.  Where the Needles are located. We got to take a fun little off-roading type road and drove out to a trail head. From there, we jumped out and went for a hike to the Needles themselves!
getting started on our hike!
 Our destination seemed far in the distance...

Jay adds to the rock cairns on the path
 The whole hike was chock full of picture opportunities...
dessert flowers are always so cool to me
 The hike had some interesting bits, we went from dirt paths to rock paths, to narrow passage-ways!

so close! just to get through all the rocks...
 The hike was totally worth it!  We could have kept going and gotten up into the rock formations, but the weather forced us to turn back.

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