Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekends are for....

for whatever you want! This past weekend we were busy, busy.  We spent all day Saturday hanging out with the awesome Parkhurst family - selling off our excess clothing, shoes, random household objects in a garage sale. It was awesome that Rob and Court let us bring all our crap over. And honestly, that was a great way to spend a Saturday!  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I surprisingly got a bit sunburned! Surprise, summer is here!

We managed to get rid of a lot of stuff and hopefully will be partaking in another garage sale in a few weeks to get rid of the rest. After that - whatever is left gets shipped off to the Goodwill.

Saturday late afternoon and evening was spent in the company of Jay's "crew" of friends. It was a so nice to catch up with everyone, fill them in on wedding details and listen to them tell us how excited they are for our upcoming wedding.  Even though I know we still have a lot of work to do, it makes me feel good knowing there is a lot of excitement.

Sunday morning was a girls morning. Anne, MM and I went on an "urban hike". Typically we head up to the mountains for a long hike, but Sunday, we spent wandering the neighborhoods of downtown and heading to Cheeseman Park (one of my faves!).  MM is getting ready to start her own new journey, so there was lots of planning and discussing for the future!

Sunday afternoon was spent with my lovely man as we prepped our camping gear to head off this weekend. SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  Look for the post and pictures after next weekend!

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