Monday, August 12, 2013

Life changing weekend

This weekend was literally life changing. Yes, I mean it literally. How, you ask?


Yes, really. And I couldn't be happier. Here are the details of how it went down...

Saturday, Jay had specifically asked that I don't go to dance class (tough request!) He had mentioned that he wanted to take a drive up to Mt. Evans, which is something we've done almost every year since we started dating.  So, not an unusual plan to make. So after a morning garage sale and before an evening BBQ, we headed up to the top if Mt. Evans. 
14,260 feet is gorgeous 
The above panorama was taken right at the spot where Jay proposed.  Jay grabbed a random passerby to take a picture of us. 2 pictures in and Jay moved away from me. When I turned to ask him what he was doing...he was down on one knee!  I immediately knew what was happening, and barely managed to answer his, "will you marry me?" With an audible yes through my tears.  Who knew a proposal would be so emotional?!  The gentleman who was taking pictures for us slid over to capture the very end on video.  Not the question, but the tears and joy after.  The comments on the video are pretty funny and you can hear clapping from the surrounding people. We received congratulations from a lot of strangers! Well before any of our family or friends knew...
I cried some more, and we hopped back in the truck to head down the mountain. But not before stopping at the beautiful Summit Lake for a couple engagement shots! Selfies of course... 
The day was perfect. For many reasons. Jay explained that one of the main reasons that he chose Mt. Evans to propose was that it can easily be seen from Denver. So no matter what, we can look up at the mountain and remember what happened! That and Mt. Evans overlooks Denver. Our city, where we met and fell in love... Awwww! 

As we headed down the mountain, I relived the whole scene again in my head...cried some more. But managed to take the obligatory "ring" shot.
I think it's gorgeous. Jay went with a white sapphire set in a vintage style setting. It is EXACTLY the style of ring I've been lusting after on Pinterest. So he did a perfect job. 
As soon as we were within cellphone service range again, we started calling our family and texting some of my out-of-town friends.  The BBQ that night was a perfect opportunity to share with some of my close friends before posting it for the world on Facebook.

We haven't picked a date yet, but we are thinking around October,November or December of 2014.  Part of me wants to just elope next month and be married to Jay. But we both want our family and close friends to celebrate with us. But....time may tell! :)
I also found out that August 10 is my paternal grandparent's anniversary date! Well done, Jay, well done! :)

Can't believe I get to call Jay my fiancé, I am looking forward to calling him my husband. :)

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    This is the best news ever. Congratulations!

    Any chance you can post the video?