Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camping adventures continue...

This weekend was another foray into the beautiful mountains! We had an actual campsite this time, no hail and only slightly less rain. The weather was perfect but the evenings were pretty chilly!  On Saturday, we headed up to Guanella Pass summit and hiked up towards Mt. Bierstadt.  It's one of Colorado's many 14ers (peaks over 14,000 feet).  We didn't actually summit, but we got about 3/4 of the way up before the thunderstorm rolled in. Hearing thunder at 13,000 feet gives you a different reaction... Get off the mountain! So we turned around and headed back to the cars and eventually back to camp for food, relaxation and for most...naps. The rain moved in and we settled in to camp for the night.  We packed up this morning and headed home... It was 48 degrees when we left and it was 92 when we reached home! Ugh. All in all, another great weekend of camping! Pictures...
our campsite


most of the group before our hike

Mt. Bierstadt trail (the easiest part)

Jay crosses the stream 

gorgeous view looking back at the trailhead

Mt. Bierstadt summit in the background

heading back down :(

watching the storm clouds

my relaxation spot! 

gorgeous sunset after the storm

beautiful view this morning

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