Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend = ESCAPE!

This past weekend was the beginning of our summer adventures for the year. Last year... we didn't go more than the one time, so we MUST make up for it this year.

To start... the weekend was gorgeous! We headed down to the Great Sand Dunes for a camping and hiking spot. We went down Saturday morning, grabbed a great little camping spot and then headed to the dunes to play and hike around.

The best part of going to the dunes at this time of year is that the snow melt creates a creek along the dunes.  This is perfect for cooling off after hiking around in the sand and getting blasted by the wind. After spending quite a few hours, we headed back to our campsite for dinner, and an early bedtime. That didn't stop me from taking pictures of the dunes from our campsite. Such a great view!!

The next morning was EARLY. Whew. Cereal and o.j. for breakfast and we were on the road to Buena Vista for a full day of rafting.  For the last few years we've rafted with Performance Tours, and almost always had a fantastic time. (Last year was not their fault... just super low water levels).  They have great guides, and the trips are fun.  This year we did a full day, starting with the Numbers on the Arkansas River, and finishing the day on the Narrows. Lovely. Even when Jay fell out of the boat. We scooped him back up quickly though, so no damage done. :)
(Heather bought the pictures from rafting, its nice to actually see what we all look like!)

Can you figure out who is who? We had a blast... and were exhausted, wet and a little chilly by the end of the day.  We headed back to our campsite for another yummy dinner and a lot of around the campfire relaxing!

our campsite

It was a great, great weekend. I can't wait for another camping trip. Jay and I have a whole new book of camping sites and hiking trails that we're excited to try out!

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