Thursday, November 29, 2012

When in Texas...

Drive, drive, drive! :) A few weeks ago, Jay and I took a roadtrip down to see his Aunt and Uncle and my baby brother. It was well timed, right before Andy's birthday, and right before I left for my new job (a separate post for that later).

Jay and I left super early in the morning...we were able to see the sun rise against Pikes Peak.

 We definitely knew we were in Texas....

We stopped for a night to stay with Jay's Aunt and Uncle. A nice meal and a great visit were in perfect order. Next time we'll have to stay for longer!!

We got to the town Andy's living in the next day. We managed to hit the Fort Worth Zoo and try out an awesome little beer emporium and spend a lot of time with my bro, Andy, before having to head back to Colorado.

the boys get a close up of the white tiger

hello big kitty! 
Andy and goof around a bit

wouldn't be a stop in Texas without some.... beef jerky?

a GREAT beer place!

Jay and I

baby bro and I

sunrise leaving Texas
It was a short trip, but a great one! Its always nice to know that Jay and I can spend nearly 5 whole days in the car with each other and still love each other :D Until next time!!!

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