Monday, October 15, 2012

Sidney Oktoberfest

The first weekend of October always marks the weekend that the Denver and District Pipe Band heads to Sidney, Nebraska for their annual Oktoberfest. Strange, I know, heading to Nebraska for something like that? But, every year it turns out to be a ton of fun!!

This year... the weather had some tricks up its sleeve for us. Our first show, Friday night was pretty chilly, but we layered up, tossed back some beer and danced a lot. The beer tent was packed with people and that made everything warmer.

Saturday morning is usually our morning for a parade, a short break, practice, a dancers show, a break and then the night show. However, we woke up Saturday morning to this:

Not exactly weather conducive to having or marching or dancing in a parade!  Needless to say, the parade was cancelled. We were drafted into doing two different shows... one at a nearby Retirement home and one at the close Cabela's.

Doing the show at Cabela's was a riot! There were a ton of people there to watch us (plus the normal shoppers) and who doesn't want a backdrop of stuffed animals to dance to?
Our afternoon dancer's show was a little warmer, which was good since we couldn't fit nearly as many layers under those costumes as our normal pipe band outfits.
Saturday night's show was COLD. So COLD, that I didn't really take any pictures. The few I did take came out pretty blurry since I was shivering my socks off. All in all, it was a great weekend... looking forward to next year!

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