Monday, November 21, 2011

Nearly over November...

And I have been super slacking on posting!!! November is not even over yet... hmm... well to begin. We celebrated my baby brother's birthday a couple weeks ago. I talked about him last he is one year older and it makes me feel that much older!!

Me, mom and Baby brother!
November has also brought with it a visitor from Sweden. Sweden? Yes... thanks to Ms. Heather's trip around the world... she managed to meet  and begin a relationship with a guy from Sweden.  He is now here in the US for an extended visit. So... of course we have to show him around beautiful Colorado.... this past weekend we took him to Red Rocks, a Colorado microbrewery - Renegade - Garden of the Gods and a tour of the Cave of the Winds. Whew! A jam packed weekend.
Pontus and Heather

Jay and Pontus

Renegade brews!

Garden of the Gods

Jay and I
 Jay and Pontus got along right away. Pontus has no problem picking up on Jay's humor and putting down some of his own. Pretty impressive from a non-native English speaker. With Thanksgiving right around the corner (2 days!?!?!?!) it should be interesting to see what Pontus thinks of the whole thing. Welcome to Colorado, Pontus!!

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