Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Jay and I have had a successful vacation (meaning no broken bones!). We took a road trip! We left Colorado super duper early on Thursday morning... and headed up to Montana!
Colorado sunrise
 Along the way we stopped to soak up some history at the Little Big Horn National Monument
gated entrance to where the fallen soldiers gravestones are

the Native American portion of the monument
We made it up into Montana in record time! We were lucky enough to have Jay's aunt and uncle up there to stay with. They were the best hosts, and had a beautiful place with a gorgeous view.
view from our "suite"
 We even had some furry visitors right after dinner! So cute, and so very close to the house.
Friday, we got up early, had homemade biscuits and gravy with Jay's aunt and uncle, and headed off to spend the day at Yellowstone National Park. Neither Jay or I had been there before... so it was quite the adventure! The drive there took us over the beautiful Beartooth Pass.

We stopped a bunch of times on the drive up because the scenery was so breathtaking and gorgeous. We joked that we would never make it to Yellowstone, but we did... never fear! But not after we stopped... just a few more times along the way....

like for this awesome waterfall!

Jay wanted it to be a water slide
 When we made it to Yellowstone, we crammed in as much as we possibly could....
out picnic spot

 We covered most of the Northern part of the park... and even then we could have spent a few days there!
Yellowstone River
 We got to see some wildlife...
this big guy was just chilling by the road
 And check out some spectacular views...
looking down the Upper Falls
 I even got to take a picture of the Lower Falls... which is incredibly similar to one my dad took many years ago!
Lower Falls
 We went on hikes...

stinky sulfur, but pretty scenery
 And drove through some gorgeous parts of the park...
It was a jam-packed day. But totally worth the time. I only wish we could have been there longer. Maybe next time an overnight camping trip will be planned.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day (we were on vacation) so Jay and I got to have another home cooked breakfast with his aunt and uncle (crepes!) and chilled for a while before heading to Custer National Forest for a picnic lunch.
view from our picnic spot

lunch! in the most perfect location

We made it back to his aunt and uncle's place with plenty of time for Jay to take a nap, and for me to catch up on my reading. While Jay was sleeping we had some visitors in the yard...
A dinner out with Jay's aunt and uncle was the cherry on top of the vacation. We headed to bed early that night so we could be up and out early the next morning. It was a short vacation, but great to get away. And... it was good to know that after nearly 4 days in the car together, Jay and I didn't want to kill each other. Looking forward to more vacations....

sunrise leaving Montana

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