Thursday, June 30, 2011


Its been hot here this week. I mean hot. H.O.T. Like, 90+ degrees everyday. Now, being from the midwest, I can honestly say that its not as horrible as the 90+degree days with humidity. But... since we are a mile closer to the sun... it makes it hot.
This brings me to my first musing.... when the weather gets really, really hot.... work attire starts to really push the borders of whats appropriate and whats not. Now, I do not work in HR, so I am not constantly checking people's work attire to deem whether its inappropriate or not. But, walking through my building's lobby at lunchtime is a good indication. Skirts are shorter, clothes are more casual.  I also feel like I can tell which of the people walking around drive themselves to work and which take public transportation.  The public transportation people are dressed to deal with the weather.
Very interesting....
My second musing is that...after 6 weeks of not wearing a real pair of shoes, your foot gets used to not being enclosed.  And putting on a shoe feels really, really weird. But, HOORAY for no more boot!
Third... since the boot came off, I started working out. I was told no dancing or running, but pretty much everything else. This seriously limits what I can do... so I brushed off an old abdominal work-out that Miss Heather and I used to do. Oh yes, the P90x ab ripper. Umm.... I feel as though a truck ran over my mid-section. Seriously. And to be this sore... you would wish that the results were immediate. They are not. Sadly. My post-break squish is still there... I just feel like I was run over. Joy. But, to be the best masochist I can... I will be back at it again tomorrow.
If I don't die in the meantime.
Which I might if I keep sneezing.
Lastly... its a long weekend coming up. So hopefully that means I will actually have something exciting to post about. Rather than random thoughts that go through my head.


  1. Oh god. I have nightmares about the ab ripper.... But go you!

  2. Hurray for no boot! And I love that you are working your core, baby! WE'll both be back at dance soon! Love you, and miss you like crazy!