Monday, May 9, 2011

Just going...

Following last weekend's giant dance show... I have literally been a lazy bum. I didn't go to class this past week, instead opting to go out running in the beautiful weather we've had. Lunchtime runs, pre-work runs, post-work runs. I figured it sort of made up for missing dance class.

Since the weather has been so nice, Jay and I decided to hit up a local restaurant for some southwestern flavor in spirit of the warm temps and cinco de mayo. Melon margs, anyone?
goes great with chips and guac
 Friday night, Jay and I headed out to celebrate Miss Sully's birthday. We didn't make dinner with the gang... but we met up with them at Rhythms. This funky music bar with a live band. It helped that we knew someone in the band.... a fun night out for sure!
Happy Birthday Sully!!!!
 For Mother's Day... we decided to go against tradition. Mother's Day brunch? No way. Mother's Day picnic? Heck yea! The weather was gorgeous... so we headed to City Park with food and beverages. A great day to chill outside with family.
Hi mom!

the leaves are a bloomin'

fam. weirdos, but fun!
The rest of this week will be pretty packed. But hopefully I will get a chance to update... Cupcakes and Wine night tomorrow and headed to D.C. on Thursday...

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