Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ski-cation Bliss

4 days + snowy mountains + snowboarding + good friends + great boyfriend =
                                                    pure bliss

This past weekend was a fantastic weekend. Four days off. Four days away. Four day mental holiday.

We kicked off the weekend with Jay and I heading up to the mountains early Friday morning. It was snowing, but that just made the day so much better. It meant fresh powder on every single run. While on the slopes, we met up with Anne and her hubby Josh to coordinate getting to the house we rented for the weekend. After a full day in the snow, we were all ready to settle in. The house was awesome! Huge rooms, hot tub, giant shower, etc.
snowy first day on the hill

on the drive to the rental house
 Saturday...we decided to rest my knees (yes, my knees) after a powder day. So, Jay and Anne and brother-in-law Pete and I headed to the tubing hill. So much fun!!!!!! We all felt like kids giggling and laughing and yelling on our way down the hill. It was great to be out in the snow, without having to fight lift lines and the massive amount of people on the mountain.

Tubing buddies!!!

Sunday was a day of pure laziness. Jay and I slept in, had breakfast in the sun on the deck, headed out and wandered around Frisco checking out all the random little shops and stores along Main Street.  The one thing we actually purchased during our perusal? Matching hats of course....

matching MONKEY HATS!!!!
Bahahahahahaha! They are awesome. And surprisingly warm. Which made them perfect for our afternoon hike outside of Frisco. It was snowy and only a few other people around. Perfection!!!
Monday... was sadly the last day of our ski-cation. But... we headed back to the mountain for a gorgeous day of skiing and snowboarding. There was some fresh powder and not too many people, which made for a great day of riding. Being sunny and clear skies didn't hurt either!
enjoying the beautiful day
All in all, a great four days off. I cannot wait to do it again next year. Or sooner... vacation planning has just gone to the top of my To Do list!!!

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