Thursday, January 6, 2011

Specially for you, Heather

A night with the kitties...
For those who are not Heather, you can enjoy the pretty pictures, or you can ignore this post altogether. I promise there will be something for everyone else later. However, since Heather decided to leave me and all her worldly belongings in Colorado... including her cats (her 2 and my 2 used to live together as one big we were not crazy cat ladies, I promise. I think.). Now, her cats are being loved and cared for by my awesome boyfriend. Which means I get to see them all the time. Especially when Jay is out of town. Then I have to go see them. :)

So, Heather... here are some shots of all the kitties... JUST FOR YOU!  First up, Gus and Willow:

GusGus! Sorry for the creepy eyes

Gus decided to hide under the blanket

Willow used my sweater as her personal cave dwelling. Can you hear her purring?
 After getting these pics, Willow wouldn't sit still long enough to let me take more, so I headed to Jay's to look in on the boys. They are still as nutso as ever, Heath, be happy. :)
Dodger likes to attack the stool. Its his new thing

And... he's still as flexible as ever!

Dodger's flop.

Attention whore! Love me!

Oliver was being all shy

Hiding under the table. Hi mom!
So there you go my dear. Some lovely shots of the crazy cats. Hope you miss them! 'Cuz I know they miss you.

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  1. awwww they're so adorable! thanks meep! they have a kitty at the hostel I'm at now, and she's a love whore too. But no flopping. And no tyler durden. :)