Monday, December 13, 2010

Dance filled weekend...

As I explained earlier this week, we had dance workshops scheduled all week long with an amazing former Riverdance dancer, Jordan. She seriously was amazing. And tough! After Friday's holiday party, Saturday morning was spent being lazy... in preparation for my workshop Saturday afternoon and a dance show with the pipeband on Sunday.

Saturday's workshop was brutal. Tough on my feet and legs for sure... and it wasn't until our school's owner/teacher yelled at me to stop dancing before I hurt myself... I probably would have kept going and pushing myself. Ignoring the fact that I am at least a decade older than everyone else I was dancing with... with the exception of Jordan.
Jordan shows a move in the new reel step
I made it home, with some energy left to get me in the door and showered before collapsing on the couch. I somehow recovered in time for Sunday's show in Georgetown with the pipeband. It was a beautiful day up in the mountains... and a great way to end the weekend.
Historical downtown Georgetown

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