Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dance Crazy

Its been a while since I had a post about dance...which is ok because this week is going to be all about dance! Hooray!! Last night was pipe band - I am part of the Denver and District Pipe Band Irish Dance Corps.
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Denver and District
We usually have band practice on Monday nights, but since I have been under the weather, I missed the last couple of weeks. But, I was back and ready to dance last night, which is just in time to get ready for a show up in beautiful Georgetown this weekend and workshops throughout the week with a former Riverdance dancer. Should be exciting!! Tonight is the first night of workshop. Its for the pipe band dancers only... very VIP.  We are hoping to learn some new, cool figure dances. Figure dances are done in groups of 2 or more. They can be pretty boring...which is why we are all hoping for some cool Riverdance style group dances...
We shall see how tonight goes! Workshops on Thursday and Saturday as well... my feet will need a massage after this week is over. But I am hoping it will be well worth it!

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