Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Birthdays!

To start, my birthday is in January! Hooray!! So... this year Jay and I got away for the weekend.  We went up to Glenwood Springs for some hot springs (lovely) and snowshoeing!  It was a beautiful weekend in the mountains and I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate another year.
The drive up to Glenwood Springs has my favorite part of I70, as it winds through the beautiful canyon!

We stayed overnight at the Sunlight Mountain Lodge just outside of Glenwood.  But that evening was spent eating good food and soaking in the hot springs. 

The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast and set out for a snowshoe adventure.  Jay had never been and its been years since I've been.  But we had beautiful weather, lots and lots of trails and each other to make it awesome. 

Fast forward to a couple weeks later and I got to celebrate Julie's birthday!  We are almost exactly 2 weeks apart in age, but I consider her to be a sister! Isn't it nice when you can pick your family? Anyway... for her birthday, her cousin Megan joined us in a night of glow-in-the-dark yoga and beer!  Random, but ridiculously fun!!
the three of us!
coolest looking pants!

Julie and I can be such total dorks together. And I love it.  A perfect example is this:
And thats why I love her!! :)

As I get older, its more apparent that having a few good, genuine, loving people in your life is more important than having lots of friends.  Another year ahead!

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