Monday, June 8, 2015

Old friends are the greatest friends

I find myself lucky enough to have some absolutely amazing friends.  In my world, my friends are my family!  This past weekend I was able to reconnect with my good friend Miranda.  We've known each other now for 11 years. 11!  Which only seems like a lot because it doesn't really feel like 11!  We met in Scotland when we were there studying abroad and have been friends ever since.  She's getting married in just a few weeks in Seattle and was out here to spend some time with her CO friends before it happened.  And I am glad she did!!!

It was great to reconnect, have a few drinks, catch up on life and just spend some time together.  I miss her like crazy.  But as she said, maybe when we're "older" we'll figure out how to live in the same state again. :)

pic from this weekend
a pic from college graduation (circa 2006) 

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