Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun news!!!

So... some fun news came up the other day (ok, a couple weeks, but I am behind) about our wedding!  When Jay and I were planning and creating and planning and stressing over all the little details of our wedding, I turned to the awesome website  for inspiration.  After a few months of trolling through the blog, I joined as a tribesmaid.  Meaning... that I had access to all the other members information, ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc.  So I was able to turn to them for help!  It was awesome.

Anyway... long story short. After our amazing, beautiful, wonderful pictures came back from Brandy, I went ahead and submitted our wedding to Offbeat Bride to be featured.  Now...that website receives a TON of submissions.  And they do not guarantee that any one wedding will be chosen.  With that in mind.... I share with you, our wedding featured on!!!!!!!!!!!

 Emily & Jay's beer-themed Denver courthouse and brewery wedding | @offbeatbride

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