Thursday, April 30, 2015

Winter Hiking

So.. now that its almost May, let me tell you about the few winter hikes I did this year.  We were able to do many (we, of course, meaning the girls and I), but we got in a few!

In January, B and I headed up to do a hike right near Red Rocks.  Her awesome dog Loui joined us.  He's so much fun to hike with because he's just so excited all the time!
B and I!

view from the peak of our hike looking down on Red Rocks

Loui leads the way

In February, Jay and I took advantage of a beautiful Saturday and headed up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  We took  a short (3.5) hike and saw a huge herd of elk!  It was so awesome.  And the scenery... so gorgeous.

The very next day, I went hiking with the girls and Loui again.  It was a lovely hike, but apparently I didn't feel much like taking pictures that day.  Strange...

B goofing around

Loui waiting for us to catch up
 After that... I guess the rest of the hikes have been "spring" hikes... update on those soon!

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