Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Enjoy the little things

Its been a while since I posted last, but not because I haven't been busy and enjoying the spring/winter bipolar Colorado weather. Or spending time with friends. Or dancing.  Because I am!  However, when I think of blogging, sometimes I look back on my day or my weekend and think, "well that's not exciting enough to blog about".  When in reality, those little things are what I should be blogging about!

So with that in mind, I will try to be better about blogging about the little things. Life is about enjoying the little things!

Speaking of... already this spring, I have been able to go hiking! A little brisk and cool, but so lovely!

Wedding planning is still continuing... I haven't done a whole lot lately, but checking out food options, hair ideas and all the little things that come with weddings.

If you didn't already know, Jay and I have had a roommate for that last month or so (and will until the beginning of May), Miss Stacey!  She's moving to Australia soon, so luckily our guestroom has become her transitional space as she slowly but surely gets rid of more and more stuff. I love having her stay with us!  It will make her leaving THAT MUCH HARDER.  Especially since Monday nights have become "girl's nights" again! We used to have them when I lived alone on Tuesdays... dinner and tv and gossip! Last Monday we tried out a new recipe!  Check it out on Stacey's blog.

On that note... I will try to stay more updated! Fingers crossed :)

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