Monday, March 3, 2014

Random Thoughts

The last month or so has been relatively quiet, except for Stacey moving in with us! My mom and I hitting up a bridal expo (yes, I know) and Jay purchasing his suit for the wedding. It probably seems like those are all big things, but really... spread out over a month makes them less huge! Or at least in my mind...

Stacey, Julie and I had a great little girls night at a paint-your-own pottery place called Ceramics in the City.  It was laid-back, fun, easy way for us to sit around gabbing and doing something fun and creative.

Stacey moved in that same weekend. She's heading to Australia (sad pandas!) permanently in June.  Since her tiny studio was raising rent, she's bunking with Jay and I and the cats until she heads to OH before moving to the merry, 'ol land of Oz. I will miss her desperately, but I am going to enjoy having her crash with us until the moment she leaves.  Gus, Willow and Lucy already love having another person to bug for petting and snuggles!

My mom and I headed to a bridal expo last weekend... it was interesting. I think we had more fun in the photo booth and eating the samples than anything else. I realized that despite a few of the event/wedding planners making me feel like I have not gotten enough planned... I am really ahead of the game! My hope (and secret goal) is to have everything planned and done by June. So we shall see!!

The last piece of random news is that Jay got his suit for the wedding!!  Early, I know (have you noticed the pattern?) But... Men's Warehouse was having a big 50% off sale this weekend, so we figured we could at least check them out. I am glad we did, because it was totally worth it. And... Jay looks good in a suit! Wooo-eee! I admit, I was drooling a bit as he was trying stuff on.


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