Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween post (a little late)

For Halloween this year, instead of our typical night of house parties...we all dressed up and went out downtown instead!

the birthday girl!
Within our group, we had two different "Big Bang Theory" costumes... too bad we don't all get along ;)
Big Bang couple #1
Big Bang couple #2
Jay and I went with a Dia de los Muertos/Voodoo couple vibe.  It was quick, easy and cheap! But a lot of fun! Jay lent his creative hand to my lovely "la calavera" type mask (which allowed me to not have my face painted all night long)
Jay and I
One of the crowd favorites was Brandy and Drew's costume.  They were "Flo" and "Mayhem".  It was hilarious and awesome.
the pink hand weights were key!
All in all, in ended up being a great night. Now to think about a costume for next year...

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