Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall feis

Fall Feis this year was bad for me. Bad placings mostly. However, I felt like I danced pretty well, so I try not to let it get me down. Luckily, mom took lots of pictures for me, so I can see what I need to work on (extension!) and where I look pretty good.  It was also my first time rocking the side-bun look at a competition. Which I think I really like!
In class recently, Julie had been having us work on stamina, stamina, stamina.  While the Judge's might have not liked my dancing... at least I didn't feel like I was going to die by the end of my steps.  Stamina is a must!!!
Until next time... I will just keep working.

see? I have to work on landing straight-legged
I also need to learn to smile!

I think pictures like this are fun! It looks like I am flying
I have an awesome support team!
Stacey makes my Irish Dance family that much more awesome!

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