Monday, November 18, 2013

Extra practices

Last month, during the pipe band trip to Sidney, NE, I learned that one of the bands pipers works as a firefighter jut down the street from me! Since he brings his pipes to the firestation he suggested extra practices - for him to play for a dancer, and for me to dance.  This has lead to extra practices for both of us! It has been a bit of learning curve for both of us.  As "piper-speak" and "dancer-speak" are two totally different languages. Luckily, I've been dancing with the band long enough that I know a bit... and my firefighter buddy is game to try lots of new songs. 

We've been getting together about once a week to practice.  The bays where the engines sit are HUGE... so I have a lot of space to work with.  Its all concrete floors, so my steps aren't the most perfect or precise... but its helping me with more stamina (yea!) since each tune is typically long enough for 6 full steps. I also get to push myself to work on bigger things (like leaps) since I am comfortably laced into my tennis shoes.

taking a breather between dances
This whole arrangement is based on how often the Engine gets called out for things.  Sometimes our practice sessions get pushed back a bit...depending on how busy the firefighters are.  This past weekend, on Saturday, in mid-session my firefighter friend got a call.  So I hung out in the kitchen and helped the guys make brunch/lunch. 
Since I had nothing else on my calendar for the day, I even got to take a short ride in the truck! My inner 5-year old was totally freaking out, I mean, who doesn't want to ride in a fire truck?
checking out the gear in the truck
Its a pretty exciting arrangement that we have.  Extra pipes practice and extra dance practice. Its good for all!!!  Julie has come with me one practice session.. she's working on learning everything for her TCRG (Irish dance teacher) exam.  Hopefully I can convince a few more dancers to join me as well.


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